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Grow Word of Mouth Referrals using LinkedIn


In this YouTube video Brad Smith owner of HylthLink shows you how to grow your local referral network by using the power of LinkedIn. Brad Smith was able to create and grow his Health and Fitness by connecting with local Doctors, Chiropractors and Health Owners in his city. Watch to learn how you can use the social network LinkedIn to grow your Word of Mouth Referral Network.

  1. Learn how to link and connect with other health owners to add to your referral network. Brad will show you how to search and connect with the exact people you need to work with.
  2. See the exact words Brad typed into the messenger box to reach out and get 80% return on his messages. Expect each person you message to respond by using these strategies. 
  3. Start growing your network by endorsing, messaging and e-mailing the people you’d like to connect with inside of LinkedIn. Someone you’d like to speak with? Reach out with these tips and get ready for their response.

Ready to grow your business and start getting new referrals? Reach out to Brad and join him for his webinar to start building your online presence for your Health and Fitness Business below;



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