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HylthLink Interview | John Fayocavitz | Fitness Aspects


In today’s interview we speak with John Fayocavitz owner of Fitness Aspects in Chantilly, Virginia 20151.

Fitness Aspects is the top rated Fitness and Wellness center in Chantilly, Virginia 20151. In the interview we ask John how he got started in the health industry, what he offers at Fitness Aspects and what his biggest testimonials and success stories are.

John founded his company in 2011. He enjoys working with clients of all ages and fitness levels, although his passion is working with clients over the age of 40 that want to improve their overall health and well-being. He likes to say that his business is not a gym it’s a fitness center and wellness center. They pride themselves on providing you with the best fitness trainer and training to fit your specific needs, whether that be Personal Training, group fitness, or boot camp classes.

Fitness Aspects opened February of 2015 in Chantilly, Virginia. The facility is over 9,000 square feet and they take great pride offering a beautiful, clean environment with all the tools needed to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Below are some of John’s success stories and testimonials;

I started working with John in January 2016. I came to him after having recovered from chronic Lyme disease and a torn meniscus. He was very understanding about my need to start working out again slowly both to build muscle I had lost during illness and to lose my baby weight. I opted for private fitness training and so far I’ve lost 35 lbs with John. He’s incredibly knowledgable about what gets the best results the fastest. He’s passionate about fitness and genuinely cares about his clients. My workouts with him have been nothing short of amazing! I’m deeply grateful for his coaching and support and plan to continue with him even after I’ve reached my weight loss goal. I highly recommend him! Best targeted fitness training program there is for working professionals with limited time! “Areti Gourzis”

John is terrific. When I first came, I was recovering from a serious illness, walked with a cane, and had very little energy or muscle strength. John was encouraging and effective from the start. He never gave me exercises I could not manage. And no matter how small the gains I made, he never failed to encourage me and support me in the effort to feel better. The complexity of my medical issues didn’t phase him. I felt comfortable right from the start. Now I no longer use a cane, my energy is substantially higher, and I generally feel much better. I still have a ways to go, of course, but I surprise myself sometimes, these days, when I am able to do something easily that was very hard when I first started. I am very grateful to John and really encourage people to make that first step; John will make it worthwhile. “Sharon Ekleberry”

John is incredible! I have been with him for over 2 years and in that time he prepared me for my marathon and then through my entire pregnancy and now postpartum. He is the best of the best! “Liz Ellis”

I have been going to John for almost a year now. He is a Great trainer and really keeps you going. He is wonderful at adjusting your workouts to your ability and or any physical issues you may be having. I have gotten many friends and my husband to go to him and they all are very happy. I love my workouts and and how much better I feel. The new facility is Great! I highly recommend Fitness Aspects to anyone!!! Great workouts, personal training and affordable! “Sarah Kerrigan”

I have made dramatic progress since I start with John last year. I have lost almost 100lbs and no longer take high blood pressure or cholesterol medications. I have energy and feel much better about myself. “Michael Cooksey”

2 years and counting. Put John in his customized, massive new facility in Chanilly and you have a super trainer with amazing results. Thanks John! You rock. “Jessie Wilhide”

John doesn’t just help people lose weight – he changes the way you think about fitness. “Anthony Ferrari”

These are just some of the testimonials you can find on Fitness Aspects Facebook page and Website.

In the interview John also tells us that the best place for someone to get started would be to visit the website; http://www.fitnessaspects.com/

When visiting Fitness Aspects website you can find a Free Week Group Training at Fitness Aspects. If you are near or visiting the Chantilly, Virginia area we highly recommend visiting this Top Rated Health and Fitness Expert John Fayocavitz owner and found of Fitness Aspects.



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