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Increase Revenue by Targeting these 3 Types of Clients


In today’s educational video for Health and Fitness owners CEO of HylthLink Brad Smith talks about the three types of clients you should focus on. He explains the different approaches you should take for each type of client to increase revenue.

  1. Past; Health and Fitness owners should always focus on their past clients. They may be a past client because they moved away or couldn’t afford your services. Still continue to send them content and value, they may want to come back some day. If you can continue to remind them of your business they will think of you first when they want to get started again.
  2. Current; We think current customers should bring you the most revenue. This should be separate then their monthly payments. You should be able to increase your revenue by asking them to give you testimonials and reviews, recommending friends and purchasing extra products you offer at your business.
  3. New; This is where you’ll need to do all the work. As a Health and Fitness owner you should be always ready to reach out and build a relationship with a new customer. Make sure to set-up your business so you are notified any time you have a new client. Give the potential customer a phone call as soon as they reach out to you.

If you’d like to be ready to give a new customer a call as soon as they reach out to you online, check out HylthLink automation business plan here:


If you’d like to learn more about setting up your automation and increase your monthly revenue, join CEO Brad Smith for his live webinar here:



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