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HylthLink Featured and Interviewed the Owner of Tadpole Wellness Stephanie Gruenert.

In this live video interview we ask Stephanie about how she got started in the health and fitness industry. We also ask about her business Tadpole Wellness and the health and fitness devices she offers. Some of the devices they offer are Oska Pulse, Freeze Sleeve and Aculief.

  1. Story: How did you get started in the Health and Fitness Industry?
  2. Business: Tell us about your business Tadpole Wellness?
  3. Health: How do your products help others with their healthy lifestyle?
  4. Products: What products do you offer others with their health?

1. The first health product that we spoke about was Oska Pulse. Here’s how it works;

Oska Pulse’s unique method of delivery mimics the electrical currents we produce naturally. Decades of research has shown that PEMF signals pass through bone and all other tissue virtually unaltered, opening cells to receive more nutrients and oxygen, more effectively removing waste products. Oska Pulse was designed to address specific areas of the body, especially the major joints most susceptible to injury or degenerative issues.

Oska Pulse uses a unique delivery method called “Sequential Protocol Programming,” four frequencies specifically related to muscle ease, bone repair, capillary dilation and pain reduction. By helping to release the body’s natural endorphins, Oska Pulse helps reduce pain, promoting increased range of motion. By dilating blood vessels, it reduces inflammation. The increased oxygen rich blood flow promotes muscle recovery.
Source: www.oskawellness.com

2. The second health product we spoke about was the Freeze Sleeve. Here’s how it works;

No need to wrap hard and leaky ice packs in a towel any more. Freeze Sleeve delivers cold therapy through 360 degree compression while staying soft and pliable through the full 20 minutes of recommended cold therapy. Available in dashing or more conservative colors.

Specially formulated with antibacterial gel that eliminates odors and is nontoxic.

Flexibility and Mobility

Soft comfortable fit allows full range of motion and ability to continue everyday activities while treating the injured area.

Compression and Cryotherapy

360 degrees of cold therapy and compression which can provide pain relief, minimize swelling and reduce inflammation when applied to an aching muscle or joint.

Easy to Use and Maintenance Free

100% leak proof design eliminates the hassle of messy ice bags and wraps.

3. Third health product we asked about was the Aculief. Here’s how it works;

Manage Headache Pain with ACULIEF

Chemical Free and No Side Effects

The next generation of pain management means using less painkillers. ACULIEF is a wearable clip that stimulates the LI4 pressure point to relieve tension, headaches and/or anxiety.

Please check out this video about ACULIEF.

We hope that you enjoyed the interview with Stephanie Gruenert owner of Tadpole Wellness. Please follow and join their business below:

Tadpole Wellness Website: http://tadpolewellness.com/

Tadpole Wellness Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tadpolewellness/

Tadpole Wellness HylthLink | Connecting Health Listing Page: https://hylthlink.com/listing/health-tadpole-wellness-honolulu-hawaii/



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