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Do you have stubborn muscle groups that refuse to grow no matter how hard you train them? Is it impossible to get a good pump or get sore in your muscles? Find out how to improve your Mind Muscle Connection for better results!

Improving your Mind Muscle Connection increases the number of muscle fibers being recruited when lifting.
If you\’re worried about wasting energy on warm up sets, try it on an off day.
You\’re more aware of your muscles when fully pumped, making it easier to isolate them.
Do you have stubborn muscle groups that refuse to grow no matter how hard you train them? Do you find it impossible to get a good pump in one of your muscles? Well the answer is here, and it\’s been inside you all along!

Although working out is perceived by many people to be strictly physical training, there are many important psychological aspects to it. Here we\’re going to break down arguably the most important psychological aspect of Fitness.

Staying focused in the gym isn\’t always easy, especially if you\’re pulling a late-night workout or you\’ve had a stressful day. Ever feel like you\’re just going through the motions? Maybe your mind starts to wander and your thoughts drift to your work or something in the news. You probably don\’t realize it, but you\’re missing out on one of the most important secrets to success, the Mind Muscle Connection.

Every week Find Fitness Pros will be showing a different mind to muscle technique to try during your next workout.

The Goal:
Before you even start your workout, think about the different muscles you are going to be working on. And then think about how to stretch those muscles. If you don\’t see the workout in our weekly video series go ahead and just Google some stretching techniques for the muscles you will be working.

Today we are working the Hamstrings (Actions‎: ‎flexion of knee, extension of hip) and the Gluteus (Action: Extension of the thigh at the hip, Abduction of the thigh at the hip).

The stretch:
Focus on trying a couple different stretches for your Hamstrings and Gluteus. Do the stretch before the exercise to spark the feeling of your muscles in your mind.

The workout:
Now that you have the mind thinking about the correct muscle you are about to work on, make sure to stay focused on keeping the weight and pressure on that same muscle. Try not to get distracted or let your mind wonder while performing the exercise.

Need help with more exercises or stretches? Go to Find Fitness Pros to find a local professional that can help with your goals.


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