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5 Benefits MAT Has On Your Body


5 Benefits Of MAT

There’s more to muscle maintenance than regular strength sessions and bumping up to the next weight when things feel too easy at the bench. Communication between your brain and muscles also comes into play—and that process is the focus of muscle activation techniques.

Here’s how it works: When a muscle is too weak to stabilize a joint, the brain tells other muscles around that joint to tighten up to keep that joint safe. Problem is, not all muscles get the memo. When your brain only sends signals to some muscles, those areas work overtime while other areas do very little work at all. So how can you fix this problem? Well the main goal of MAT is to identify weak muscles, or ones that aren’t communicating properly, and target those areas. MAT also comes with many great benefits. Here’s five things that MAT can do for your body:

#1: Increased Strength

Muscle Activation Technique Kevin VottaThis is probably one of the greatest benefits of Muscle Activation Techniques. After all, you’re not working at your full potential if your muscles aren’t communicating properly. The main goal of MAT is to fix the way that muscles contract and more evenly distributing work among muscles in a group. This can do a whole lot for your body, including increasing your strength.

Let’s say that only 50% of your muscles are functioning properly. That means that you are at pretty much half your total strength. When you do MAT, those muscles that aren’t functioning properly get put back on track. When those muscles are functioning again, you will have doubled your total strength.

#2: Improved Coordination

Your brain wants to keep your body safe from injury, but in doing so it sometimes formulates “blind spots” in the way you move. Your brain tells your body to use the strongest muscles to get from point A to point B, even if those muscles don’t function together in a clean line of movement. MAT helps strengthen the muscles that move in a direct path, making your movements quicker and more coordinated.

When your muscles aren’t functioning properly, there is a good chance your coordination isn’t what it should be. With MAT you can significantly improve your coordination and help your body move more efficiently.

#3: Lower Risk of Injury

MAT increases stability by strengthening weak muscles. If you find yourself landing wrong in a sport, you’ll be much less likely to tear a muscle or injure yourself. Increasing the functionality of your muscles allows b8d823e5e12aef71eb9fbb1b9555d7cfyou to put less stress on your body.

This will allow you to spend a lot less energy doing your daily activities, and allow you to have more energy overall. With more coordinated and strengthened muscles, you will be a lot less likely to injure yourself working out.

#4: Less Pain

The is another huge benefit of Muscle Activation Training. Pain is usually the result of long-term muscle dysfunction, or bad movement patterns that have been repeated for years. Combine this with improper communication between muscles and the brain, and you’re sure to be hurting. MAT improves the brain-muscle communication loop, which can decrease pain.

If you find yourself suffering from chronic pain, MAT could be just what you need to get your body up and running pain free.

#5: Increased Flexibility

Inhibited muscles can send the wrong feedback to your brain and limit your range-of-motion. If you’ve been stretching for years without broadening your range, it could be because of muscles that aren’t communicating properly.

It is extremely frustrating to not get the results you want, even when you put in the work. If you find that your range of motion isn’t improving, MAT may help you see some improvements.

The Takeaway

In short, Muscle Activation Techniques comes with many great benefits. It can increase your strength, flexibility, coordination, lower your risk of injury, and lessen pain.

If you are interested in learning more about muscle activation techniques, I encourage you to check out our website or book a session. We also provide other programs, such as Personal and Group Training. I have been a personal trainer for over 10 years, and have specialized in muscle activation for over 3 years. Our program is all about serving our clients and making sure you achieve your desired results.




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