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I Am Adaptive- Stories Of Recovery Video


I Am Adaptive

Derick Carver
“As I was dying my brain was taking all the oxygen, all of the blood from my organs and I could literally feel myself just shutting down”

Tayna Khvitsko
“My name is Tayna Khvitsko I am originally from a country called Belarus. I was born 4 years after the accident of the Chernobyl Nuclear plant”

Ellyse Zosia
“I didn’t see an amputee until we began I Am Adaptive, I didn’t know anyone in a wheelchair, I didn’t know anyone with a TBI. And there are millions of people a year that incur dramatic brain injuries just in the U.S. alone, we looked at each other and wondered where the hell everybody was”

“If I was off the base I was in pants covered up I didn’t want people to look at me I didn’t want attention I just didn’t want to deal with it, I couldn’t deal with it”

“In Belarus my parents would never let me wear shorts in public or wear dresses in public they would do everything to hide my hands”

Marilyn Zosia
“People don’t know where to go they’re in their homes, they are away and we saw a community that hadn’t been touched and one that needed a voice. Handicap and disabled are very negative terms, they take away from the human spirit rather than give something to it”

“Adapting is really being able to overcome, innovate and evolve as a human being”

“He kept telling me to relax because I was shaking with anxiety and then it went off to start and it all went away and the first time for two plus years I was able to not worry about it. All I was doing was what I love to do and that’s lift weights”

“Now I don’t have I’ve never had legs, I don’t know what it’s like to run. And when I put on those prosthesis I started running, I was running so fast I knew no one could catch me. I had this feeling of flying”

“There’s no way for you to say you can’t because if you can’t and you feel that way we are going to find a way for you. There’s people everywhere that want to help, Engineers, Mathematicians, Scientists, Prosthetic Techs, Orthopedic Techs we are going to find somebody that has a way”

“I never had that chance to run no matter how hard I had to move because somebody helped me, because someone believed in me. Like I said I am loving exploring my ability and not thinking about disability. It’s amazing”

“We are athletes like Tayna who’s a Chernobyl baby that just didn’t develop. And then guys like me who got blown up in war that played college sports that are active”

“Living with a traumatic brain injury on a day to day basis is one of the hardest things that life has called of me”

“It doesn’t matter what life has tried to take away from you it’s what you come back fighting with”

“I knew that something needed to change or I would die and I saw woman I wanted to be like I saw woman who were fit I saw woman that were happy and I saw woman who had found themselves through healthy eating through exercise through a regimen in rehabilitation that needed no medication”

“Finding fitness taught me how to love myself anyway”

“I Am Adaptive is a movement that we created to prove to everyone in the world that we are all on an equal playing field”

“I am different but my life is so entertaining and every day I have something that’s unique I wouldn’t trade it out”

“Losing my leg made me the person I am today, people need to take a step back and remember what this was all about. It’s about effort, it’s about a likeminded group of people that come together and they sweat and suffer together for an hour a day and they get better, they learn something, not just about lifting or moving weights they learn something about themselves. Deep down inside”


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