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The Antelope Suit – Keep in Shape


Antelope, a new smart suit that uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology to increase the intensity of your workouts, may be the biggest thing in workout history. Wearable Life Science, the German makers behind this supposed smart suit, say 20 minutes of exercise wearing the Antelope could be as effective as 3 hours of exercise without it. How does this suit work you ask? Well rather than most recording your data like the more traditional exercise tools, the Antelope takes your data and then focuses it on stimulating different muscle areas similar to the signals the brain sends out to tell your muscles to flex. More stimulation increases the intensity of your routine.

Antelope Suit

A waterproof unit paired to a smartphone which is running a app via Bluetooth is what is used to control the impulses and is how you adjust the setting during your exercise routine. The built-in rechargeable battery is said to last up to 4 hours of exercising. The app is available to IOS and Android users but is currently unavailable for Blackberry and Windows Phone users. Technically Antelope is not the first smart suit to use EMS technology but it is one of the latest. Other suits seem to have a lot of wires hanging off but this one doesn’t which is why it stands out to us. It is said to be thin and light weight so it is shouldn’t interfere with any kind of exercise you choose to do. We couldn’t imagine trying to work out with a bunch of wires hanging from you.

These type of suits are sure to gain a lot of attention now that their mobile enough for anyone to use. The real question on everyone’s mind is how much for this smart suit? Pricing for the Antelope has yet to be revealed.


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