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Best Booty Exercises

Best Booty Exercises

Best Booty Exercises
We all wonder what the secret is to have a firm gluteus, and the truth is that there is not too much mystery in the matter: you have to move, workout the muscle and eat the correct foods! And yes, you can have beautiful glutes by nature, but only the exercise will help you to maintain it through time and, of course, to improve it.

If you want your booty to look better than ever, put aside the laziness and excuses and start doing some of these exercises to tone your buttocks, which you can do in your own home, at a local gym or with a certified health and fitness coach. These three options are very effective and if you practice them consistently, in a short time you will see very good results in your butt muscles. Put on comfortable clothes and practice!


Stand with both legs slightly apart at shoulder height. Bend your knees by slowly lowering your hips, making sure they are behind the toes. In the meantime, you should keep your back straight and lower your hips as if you want to push something back with your butt.

Horse Kick

Place your hands and knees on the floor, keeping the abdomen hard. Lift one leg and keep your knee at 90 degrees. Push your leg as high as you can in the air, lower your back and then change your leg.


It is an exercise in two parts. Begin it lying on the back with knees flexed and feet resting on the floor. Keep your abdomen firm, raise your hips as high as you can, squeezing your buttocks when you are up. Keep your shoulders on the floor. Lower your hip but do not touch the floor with your buttocks.

Kick Back

Stand an arm away from the back of a chair with your feet together and lean to keep your balance. Lift one leg back as high as possible and hold it straight. Then lower it by pressing the glutes. 

Squatting Juice

The further apart you have the feet, the more you activate the buttock muscle. Place the feet at 45 degrees from the body. Keep your abdomen firm, bend your knees and keep your hip back. Get up to the starting position by squeezing your buttocks.

Side Skating

With your feet together and standing, bend down by pushing your hips back, keeping your back straight and your abs firm. Go as far to the right as possible, landing gently on the metatarsal of the right foot. Now jump as far as you can to the left, engaging the buttocks to push, and land gently on the left foot.

Side Scrapers

Place your right foot to one side, tilt your hip back and bend your knee to make a curl. With the knee still flexed, shift to the other side so that the left knee is pressed and the right knee straight. Push the body until you stand and repeat.


Stand up, move one leg forward, keeping your torso erect and concentrate on raising and lowering it, so you can keep your weight on your front leg and keep your balance better.

Stairs or Steps

Go up and down the step or step and move your arms as if you were marching.

What To Do Next?

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