Today, it is more common for people to access emails and read them on mobile. This could be because of convenience and how rampant mobile use has become. These are gadgets that can be easily used while on the go.


Over 34 percent of mobile subscribers usually use mobile devices only for emails. It is also worth noting that 75 percent of active Gmail users are on mobile. By looking at the stats, you can agree that it is indeed astonishing. Therefore, if you are still using a desktop kind of email marketing strategy, then it is time to go back to the drawing board.

The best way to start email campaigns on mobile

The following are some of the ways you can start your email campaigns successfully on mobile.

Optimize the subject lines

Subject lines are important because that is what the recipient sees first even before they decide to open the email. These should be done to perfection and optimized for mobile. The subject line should not go beyond 35 characters. The ore-header text has to be leveraged and made catchy. In this way, you end up reinforcing the subject message, which works to your advantage.

The kiss approach can be applied; the message should be kept simple and stupid. Always remember that the customer loses their attention pretty fast. You need to concentrate on the words you use at the beginning of the subject line. The first two words can determine whether the customer opens the message or they do not.

The last two words are also very important and they should create some urgency. This motivates customers to take the preferred action.

To get the audience curious, you can pose a question. In a way, this can raise CTRs. Merge tasks for more personalized subject lines with the location and name of the reader. You should consider seasonal slogans as well. This leverages festivity power.

Come up with a short but compelling email copy

If you want your copy to convert, you must find a motivational factor. This is what you can use to persuade the user to take the desired action. In this case, it helps to try to think like the reader.

When people receive an email, they will ask themselves questions. Who is the message from and why are they sending it? Are these products and services something that I need? Are these things I need and should I trust them?

To take care of the consumer concerns, you should always match the email copy with the subject line. If you use clickbait and then give different information within, you lose future clicks.

If you make a promise, ensure that you stick by it and that it is not broken. You should also work on sounding trustworthy and genuine. This means that services and products should not be over-promoted.

Your messaging has to be consistent as well. Also, ensure that the target-landing page is matched cohesively.

It also helps to utilize some powerful action words such as activate, celebrate, cause, care, build, join, grab, act, get, and so on. This is one of the best ways to motivate customers to click on the call to action.

You should try having the main points in bullets and bold any important words; action words can be italicized or underlined. For an even better outcome, ensure that the email body can be scanned easily.

Mobile-friendly templates

There are different email marketing services that you can take advantage of. These are services that have mobile-ready templates that can be used to create newsletters and can be customized within a short time.

By making use of such templates, you save a lot of time. There is no need to pay someone to design each time you want another template. You simply choose from what is available. There are many options to choose from and you can pick one that matches the industry that you are in.

Your emails need to get a new look. Mobile-ready templates help you to innovate designs, which is a great thing. You should work at creating professional emails to encourage people to engage with you.

Have the CTA buttons at 44×44 pixels if possible

Call to action buttons or CTAs are an important element of email marketing campaigns. The CTA has to be visually striking in the main copy of your email. When you have a button that is almost the average finger size can work very well on mobile email marketing campaigns. This is why 44×44 pixels are suggested in this case.

The CTA needs to be conveniently located within your content. The call to action button initiates conversions and clicks. This tells you why the CTA needs a powerful text as well as logical placement.

Ensure that the “From” name matches the expectations of the audience

The audience or recipient needs to be aware of who is sending the email. The name you use has to be a trustworthy one and it has to be highlighted correctly. The sender’s name is important because people may not take an interest if they feel an email is irrelevant. There are many irrelevant emails that people deal with daily. This is why most users will first check where the email is coming from before they open.


Email marketing can be done on mobile successfully with great results. By knowing the things that can boost your efforts, you are in a far better position to reach your audience and make a significant impression on them.

Remember to include optimized images to maintain the load pages and enhance the user experience. Remember to use contrast and colors and proper spacing to get the attention of the reader once they open the email.

Most email accounts have got spam filters. It is important to have a tool that can help you to analyze where the email ends up. This helps you know how many emails were received by the target audience. Avoid using phrases or words that could potentially trigger such spam filters. You can even check the quality score of the message before sending it out.


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