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Design a perfect Landing page with WordPres


Create A High Performing Landing Page With WordPress

Many consider using WordPress to build their entire website for their business. It’s not often someone goes about setting up just a landing page using a WordPress plugin or theme. Many times business owners are referred to other companies that specifically focus on landing pages only, in which you can easily connect your e-mail accounts and make it simple for your clients to opt-in to your offer.

Using a WordPress account to set up a landing page might actually be a great idea. It’s going to save you headaches in the long run and keep your costs down. Using a website service like this to build your landing pages might not seem like the easiest way to get started but we think it’s one of the smartest options.

OptinMonster who specializes in converting visitors to leads wrote a great article that shows how to create effective landing pages which will help with your landing page planning.

30 Tools to Create Effective Opt In Landing Pages 1
Image Source: https://optinmonster.com/30-tools-to-create-effective-opt-in-landing-pages/

Let’s take a look at the functionality and software that only allows landing pages:

  • Easy for a beginner to set up their landing page in days or even hours.
  • Simple to link with e-mail clients.
  • Medium to high monthly software costs.
  • No easy switch to another landing page software.
  • If something breaks you have to wait for the business to fix it.

If you’re a beginner or just want to get a landing page up fast this might be the best option for you. But we also want you to consider the future of your business, future costs and you never want to rely on another companies fate if they’ll stay in business or not.

Now let’s take a look at the functionality of using a WordPress landing page for your marketing:

  • Owning a WordPress website is free forever (besides domain and hosting costs).
  • Numerous options for add-ons.
  • Easy to integrate with e-mail marketing software.
  • Reliable service with zero to a little downtime.
  • A medium learning curve with numerous tutorials.
  • Might take longer to create and make your landing page live.

What we like about using a WordPress website for our landing page is knowing we have complete control over how the page looks, functions and have options along the way. It’s always best to build your business on a strong foundation that will continue giving you great support and options to grow.

Another great option you should consider is the fact that you are able to convert the landing page into a complete website in the future if needed. By simply adding more pages you’ll be able to have a landing page that also can send customers to other pages on the website. As an example, create a testimonial page to send customers after they opt-in to your landing page.

Once you decide which platform you want to create your landing page on you’ll need some extra tools to help increase conversions and automate as much as possible. WPBeginner wrote an article that provides in-depth tools and options on how to create a landing page with WordPress.

How to Create a Landing Page With WordPress
Image Source: https://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-create-a-landing-page-with-wordpress/

Increasing Conversions

The reason you’ll want to create landing pages is you’ll need to drive advertising or marketing traffic specifically to that page. This could be considered a funnel, and when you have a funnel that is set up properly you’ll see an increase in conversions.

When setting up your landing page you’ll need to automate as much as possible. This will make it easy for the client to read your copy, provide their e-mail and then allow you to build a better relationship with them while they’re focused on your service.

Depending on which software you’re already using if any, you’ll want to sync the form with your software so you don’t have to manually enter each customers contact information and manually send individual emails.

Automating Your Landing Page

A service called WPForm has a great platform for integrating your landing page, e-mail opt-in and email marketing provider. They wrote a great article which gave some simple tips on how to create your contact form on your landing page.

How to Create a Simple Contact Form in WordPress
Image Source: https://wpforms.com/how-to-create-a-simple-contact-form-in-wordpress/

After integrating your contact form and landing page you’ll want to consider setting up an automated e-mail that not only confirms the customer gave you the correct contact information but you’ll also want to send a welcome e-mail that will introduce yourself.

This is a great way to continue building a relationship with your potential customer while also telling them which action they should take next.

The Landing Page Takeaway

Internet marketing has grown to become both a science and an art. Avoid having excessively long forms and try to include freebies if you are offering a product on your landing page. Keeping these simple tricks in mind can help you achieve higher conversion rates and traffic flow.

There’s no ‘magic recipe’ for making the best landing pages. The world of internet marketing is in a constant flux of dynamic trends as people find new ways to access information and products. Find what works best for you and your business and always make sure to build on a strong foundation.

In the comments below please tell us which software you’ve used to build your landing pages in the past and what’s been most effective for your business. We are looking forward to hearing your recommendations.


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