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Email Builder — Create Personalized Email Experiences That Keep Your Customers


In this modern era of the digital world, customers of every field anticipate and require relevant content and realistic experience both online and offline. There present different techniques used in digital and actual marketing like Ad campaigns, flair designing, email marketing, and many others. Email marketing is the best option to reach out to dedicated clients. To satisfy the customer’s demand marketers are struggling to leverage email personalization to create a one-to-one relationship between company and customers.

Email personalization helps to meet the expectations of consumers and increase the experience to cope with targets in the competitive environment. So, it is important to concentrate on one capability that is email personalization. According to the results of a survey, 33% of marketers support the personalization of Email Builder however others support targeted personalization that helps more for customer engagement. Results of targeted personalization increased the sales up to 20% that is an average estimation of increasing the experience.

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There are some fundamental indications for basic personalization that helps to achieve the targeted results. Using the following simple techniques marketers of every level can engage their customers and increase the customers’ experience by sending the appropriate and relevant personalized content. These tactics include

  • the interactive and personalized subject line of an email
  • Dynamic content of the email
  • Visual and behavioral data

A brief definition of Email Personalization

Email personalization can be defined as the promotion of services and products of business using a personalized and dedicated email. Marketers can provide information about new products, proposed services, awareness of sales, and discounts through emails. Chamaileon is the best source to design your content, create dynamic content, and optimize the campaign outcomes to analyze the customer’s region of interest (ROI). Chamaileon gives broad options for personalization of emails like the addition of customer’s names in the subject line, dynamic content that changes according to the customer’s age, gender, buying history, location, and all other information that you have about the customers.

Getting subscriptions is the best way to collect information about the customers and their ROI. It is a proven fact that personalized emails get more open-clicks and an increase in revenue through dedicated emails. So, it is the best option to get personalization experience as compared to the generic emails.

what is a personalized email and what will be personalized in a dedicated email?

A personalized email is an email that is relevant to the customer’s need and ROI, sent at an appropriate time, and more importantly, it must be sent by a person instead of automatic message/email generation. The features of a personalized email can be further explained as

1.Relevancy: the email that is sent to the customer must be relevant to the customer’s interest, need and must have interactive content that helps to grab the attention of the customer. Because, if the content is failed to grab the interest of your customer, there is a mere chance that your email will throw to the trash box.

2.Appropriate Time: the time factor is also very important because it helps to send emails at an appropriate time to your customer’s needs. For example, if send email in the summer season about a service that is usable in winter actually or sending a piece of service information that is about to obsolete. So, time is also an important factor for successful email personalization.

3.Person Generated Content: when you are sending emails in bulk then overlook the content to make sure that it looks like a real person-generated content instead of a generic content. It is better to mention the name of the marketer in from section and picture of the person from a company that creates trust in the company.

What to personalize?

These are the factors that make an email personalization successful. However, it is also an important aspect that what should be personalized in an email. Sometimes, there comes confusion between dynamic content, personalization, and segmentation. Dynamic content is a specific part of an email that is different for different subscribers developed under the information that you have about the subscriber. Segmentation refers to the approach to divide the subscribers into different segments according to their needs, interests, and other sale factors and sending different personalized emails to every segment. As the needs and interests are different for kids, teen ages, youngsters, and above all. Personalization is directly linking to add the customer or company’s name in the subject line. The tactics to personalize an email experience are further divided into three segments that are basic, medium sophistication, and advance sophistication email personalization techniques. However, a few general tactics to personalize an email are listed below.

  1. There is a real person name in from section
  2. The appropriate subject line that clearly defines the purpose
  3. Appropriate email content that adds the name of customer or company
  4. Add infographics and relevant images alongside the text
  5. Use a dynamic content that may vary for different customers and companies
  6. Re-engaging the previous clients that may be an individual or a company
  7. Add recommendations for customers to buy products or avail services
  8. Send special offers to regular and loyal customers
  9. Resend emails to the customers who abandon the cart
  10. Segment the clients according to their previous response

Tips to personalize an email

As personalization is known as one to one marketing trick that targets the individuals and is the best among the best way to promote products and services and increase the revenue. There are few tips are that can help to get the best experiences. These tips are

  1. Collect relevant information as much you can gather about your customer
  2. Segment the lists of subscribers and customers according to the known information
  3. Try to get quality content as compared to the quantity
  4. Maintain a specific period of time in between sending emails to the same client
  5. Do not stop at the name in the subject line, add relevant information in the content
  6. Focus on the behavior of the consumer and engage the one who is interested in your offer


Personalization of emails can help you to trigger the dedicated clients to get more open-clicks and an increased percentage of revenue. The collection of useful data at the right time and usage of that data appropriately helps you to achieve the target of increment in revenue. Chamaileon is a company that provides the facility of personalized email building that gives a feel of desired sketches, make true the ideas, and merge the docs from google. For more assistance please visit the site of Chamaileon at the link https://chamaileon.io/.

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