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How To Get Client Reviews On Camera Without Being Nervous


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Most people are super nervous to be in-front of a camera. This has to be one of the hardest parts when making a promo video. But we all know testimonials are one of the most important parts for attracting new clients. We find that it’s 80% more likely that you will get hired if a potential client see’s reviews and testimonials about your business. We wrote out some simple questions to ask your clients while they’re in-front of the camera. Make it simple for them and they will be less nervous. Just make sure they repeat the answer back to you like we showed in the video.

Question 1: What’s your name?

Question 2: What city do you live in?

Question 3: What health facility do you belong to?

Question 4: What is your favorite thing to do at your health facility?

Question 5: What are your health goals?

Question 6: How does your health facility help you reach your goals?

Question 7: Tell us about your progress so far.

Question 8: Who would you recommend to our health facility?

That’s it! Just make sure they repeat those questions back while answering. Remember the last video (BONUS) will be even more important than this! Text us for the BONUS at 727-222-1576.


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