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Why Eating is the Most Important for Weight Loss


Don’t Eat Like A Shark!

Why eating right matters for weight loss

Today, a huge number of people are affected by obesity and overweight, which are two major health problems stemming from a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits. Combating both problems is not impossible and eating healthy meals is one of the best options to eliminate excessive weight.

HylthLink Why Eating is the Most Important for Weight Loss

A Balanced Diet

It is important to eat well because that will affect your body positively. It is important that your diet is varied, as each food provides concrete and essential nutrients beneficial for your body.

Eating healthy diet includes a variety of foods that you may not have considered before. If the healthy eating makes you think of the food you cannot eat, try to concentrate on alternative foods you can eat.

There are special diets designed for weight-loss and to help you control excessive calorie intake. We recommend that your diet should be supervised by a dietitian or nutritionist, which will help you to take all the nutrients and vitamins you need.

HylthLink Why Eating is the Most Important for Weight Loss

Why you should follow a meal plan

Believe it or not, your meal plans are very important for losing weight and getting a lean, fat-free body. Eating healthy food and scheduling meal plan allows you to be regular with your diet, which is very important for effective weight-loss.

A proper meal plan is helpful to:

  • Avoid overeating
  • Avoid excessive food accumulation
  • Avoid the loss of muscle mass
  • Control of your appetite
  • Keep your energy levels high
  • Burn more calories throughout the day

HylthLink Why Eating is the Most Important for Weight Loss

Small meals throughout the day

You should seriously consider eating healthy diet between 4-6 meals per day if you want to lose weight. You can easily control your hunger or cravings for food if you eat smaller meals throughout the day, as it helps you keep your blood sugar stable while preventing hunger.

When you feel hungry you tend to overeat and put on more weight. If you are diabetic, then your doctor may also recommend eating four to six smaller meals per day.

Now more and more people are abandoning the traditional habit of eating three meals a day and being replaced by another way of eating healthy meals that consists of eating 5 times a day.

Many people make three meals plus a snack, while others prefer to make four small meals. Look for the combination that works best for you. To settle a schedule of meals every 3-4 hours, you increase weight loss by preventing excess insulin and balancing cortisol production.

HylthLink Why Eating is the Most Important for Weight Loss

Plan ahead

No doubt, it is quite complicated to adjust and organize your meals in a day. This is one of the main reasons why most people never get their ideal weight. Most of them intend to make diet and stick to it but the pace of life and work or studies do not allow them to eat as per adequate and appropriate schedules. Therefore it is very important to plan ahead your meals that you do throughout the day.

If you have your food already prepared and ready, you do not need more than 10 or 15 minutes to finish your meals. Therefore, how busy you are, you always have to plan ahead to prepare your meals.

The trick is simply to prepare the night before every meal you’ll need the next day.

HylthLink Why Eating is the Most Important for Weight Loss

Get the whole family to join to make it easier

Why not involve your family to organize your meals properly so you do not get caught by surprise. Your family can assist you to plan the next day and prepare your meals if you go out. It’ is the best way you can stay in touch with your meal plans and thus achieve your ideal figure!

HylthLink Why Eating is the Most Important for Weight Loss

What should you eat and when?

We all know that food has a huge impact on our health and our weight, but did you know that the time in which we eat can make the difference when you lose weight? Eating healthy meals at proper times during the day can help maximize calorie burn and keep your hunger at bay.

Start your day with a healthy meal. Do not skip the breakfast, because it is the most important meal. It allows you to reap the benefits of stimulation of metabolism which is essential for weight-loss. For best results, eat protein in the morning and we assure you will eat less during the day.

Eat something 45 minutes after you finish your exercise routine. This is the meal of the day where you should increase consumption of carbohydrates, but low fat. For example, a smoothie with juice, fruit and protein powder is perfect, but do not put seeds or fat. Choose a good piece of fruit! Even bananas, which generally very suitable for weight-loss.

Eat three hours before going to bed. If you have to eat dinner before going to bed, choose light meal or snack that is high in protein and low in fats and carbs. For example, a salad with grilled chicken or grilled shrimp.

Let us help you shed extra weight. We have the perfect meal plan that shows you exactly what to eat and when!

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