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HylthLink Filming Live – David Barton NYC @ the Limelight



When DavidBartonGym opened in 1992, there was a focus on 3 things: 1. creating an exciting energy that affects one’s emotions and awareness  2. helping people get the body of their dreams 3. learning what every other “health club” was doing and then doing just the opposite.

David Barton limelight HylthLink

The first thing you will notice when entering is that DBGym looks nothing like your living room. This is because we want you to forget the outside world while you are here. It is a landscape for the senses, carved out of imagination and built to get your heart racing before you ever step onto the treadmill.

David Barton limelight HylthLink


DavidBartonGym is dedicated to one single idea. That it is possible to completely recast the genetic expression of one’s body. In other words anyone’s body can be transformed into any type of physique the owner wants. The way this happens has been reduced to reliable scientific equations. In the early days of personal training these equations were still being subjected to the rigors of scientific research, and there were very few places where one could go to for a new body. We were one of those places. We changed bodies, for all kinds of clients and body types. David Barton limelight HylthLink

When a magazine like Interior Design includes DavidBartonGym in their list of the world’s most innovative ideas, concepts, and designs of the year, it is no wonder so many details of ours are often copied. Yet what has never been duplicated is the experience, the rare alchemy that occurs when we fuse the pulse of a neighborhood gym with the soul of the local culture.

David Barton limelight HylthLink

We take cues from a neighborhood’s history like the punk and glam of the East Village or outdoorsiness of the Seattle area and modernize it in our unique way. When details from the lighting to the person who greets you to the music are orchestrated just right, we can recapture the excitement of our first gym venture.

David Barton limelight HylthLink

We are devoted to sharing that feeling with our members.  When you step out of the 9 to 5 world and into ours, we want you energized. We want your imagination dwarfed. We want you to feel like your whole life just got better. We want you to be surrounded by a world…

David Barton limelight HylthLink

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