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IHRSA 2016 : Exergame Fitness Gamification of Health for Kids- Video 2 of 8


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Exergame Fitness is the worldwide industry leader when it comes to the gamification of health and fitness.  They specialize in solutions for health clubs, non profits, schools and other facilities who are looking to provide a turn key program for kids ages 2-14.  If you’re like most facilities, your child care or Kids Club does ok with kids up until they are about 7, maybe 8 years old.  After that- it becomes a real struggle, and having a solution like the one Exergame can provide could be the difference between a profitable, flourishing facility and one that is soon out of business.

Exergame Fitness was showcasing at the IHRSA show for the first time in several years, and shared a booth space with international equipment supplier PULSE Fitness who was releasing the newly acquired TRIXTER lineup of interactive bikes.  Needless to say, the Exergame booth was mobbed with people playing the interactive games which focused on speed, agility, quickness, reaction time, cardiovascular conditioning and more.  And the competitive spirit of the fitness attendees really took center stage.  Definitely one of my favorite vendors and booths that were at the show.


For more information about interactive fitness solutions by  Exergame Fitness, check out their website at www.exergamefitness.com.


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