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So, why is website traffic so important for my business, you ask?


If you aren’t attracting visitors, your website is bound to get lost in the vastness of the internet and perhaps, never found. Every site needs traffic, and even if your site is made very well, if you are not attracting visitors, you won’t be generating sales or achieving your end goal with your business.

First you need to acknowledge that you need more website traffic and make that your focus. If you don’t know how much traffic you are receiving each month or think you don’t have time to know how many website visitors you have there’s the first issue. By acknowledging and knowing why you need more website traffic you can then put together some sort of plan to increase your website traffic. The question you need to ask yourself is what will more website traffic do for your business success? If you determine as the business owner that you will receive more leads, sign-ups and more profit you’ll then prepare yourself for success.


Did you know that the majority of website owners don’t even know how much traffic is coming to their website on a regular basis? We always recommend adding an analytic tool to your website so you can see exactly how many website visitors you have on your site per month. Once you know the average monthly views you’ll be able to calculate how many actually paid clients came from that percentage. Let’s just say that you have 100 website visitors per month coming to your website for the first time. After looking back at your monthly sign-ups you see that there was only a 1% sign-up and only 1 person signed up from your website last month.

Now that you know your average sign-up percentage you can then determine if you’d like to increase your sign-up rate with those 100 visitors or increase your website traffic to 1,000 monthly views to start gaining 10 new clients from your website per month. By using relationship building tools on your website you can easily increase your sign-up percentage so you don’t have to worry about getting more website traffic if you are happy with the average visitor numbers you are already experiencing. If you’d like to increase your signup percentage and increase your traffic you now have a direction and strategy you can implement in your schedule.


As a website business owner you’ve acknowledged that you’d like better results from your website. You’ve decided that you’d like either more website visitors and/or a higher signup rate and now you’d like to find a solution. Below we’d like to show you the exact steps we take with HylthLink to not only increase our website visitor traffic but also what we implement on our website to increase the sign-up percentage.

Increase Website Traffic

There are many solutions to consider when deciding which route to take to increase your website traffic. Our solution was to schedule a couple hours each week to implement a video to blog to audio content once per week. Similar to this article we scheduled our content to consistently go out every single week with a stress on building relationships with our visitors. Once the content is produced we share it on our social networks, blogs, e-mail list and even groups that we have already built relationships on.

We also know that structuring our content is very important to increase internet searches and visitors back to our site. By always using the proper tags, headlines, text and images we are setting our content up for success. We may not start seeing great results right away but we know if we structure our content correctly we will be found in search engines, our blogs will be shared and our visitors will stay on our website longer.

Build Online Relationships

When the focus is on increasing your website sign-up rate you need to put all the focus on your visitor. Consumers come to your website looking for a solution and for someone that can help them solve it. If the website owner only focuses on what they are good at and themselves they are missing out on the visitors that are looking to make a connection with the business and building trust. Try a technique we’ve found to work well and implement a video with each piece of content you post on your website. The video will help you build a relationship and connect with the visitor so they know who they’ll be hiring and working with. We also recommend showing the website visitor exactly how you can help them solve the issues they are looking to solve when coming to your website.

Another strategy you can implement is to setup website tools that will help you build stronger relationships. We know not every person is the same and needs the same thing. That’s why we recommend giving the visitor options when they come to your site. Not everyone will want to subscribe to your e-mail list or call you on the phone. Try a strategy we use by implementing live chats, schedulers, call back number and directing a message on Facebook Messenger. This will give the user more options to choose from, build a better relationship with the consumer and in the end increase your sign-up percentage.

What To Do Next

Thank you again for reading this article, watching our video or listening to our audio. By giving you options to consume our content we hope that you comment and ask a question below. We enjoy receiving questions on our content so that we can continue bringing you value and helping you grow your online business. Don’t hesitate to reach out to learn about the website tools we offer to help increase your website signup rates.



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