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Muscle Activation Training and Personal Training

Muscle Activation Training and Personal Training

A question we often get at Fitness-Tek is, “What’s the difference between Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) and personal training?”. As personal trainers and MAT practitioners, this is an important clarification for us to help our clients and prospective clients with.

We feel that personal training, group fitness classes, rehab and MAT all go hand in hand. While there are distinct differences between the different types of health categories, there are a lot of similarities, as well.

What’s The Difference?

MAT Muscle activation Technique 1Muscle Activation Therapy and Personal Training utilize exercise to improve the health and function of your body.  MAT asks the question, “Which of your muscles ARE NOT working well?” and then tries to improve the function of those while personal training asks, “Which of your muscles ARE working well?” and then tries to build upon the health of those.

How Do We Utilize These Techniques?

Second, both MAT and personal training take an “internal approach” to your overall health.  In other words, our primary concern while you are exercising is focused on what is going on within your body, not outside of it. An example of this is making sure that specific muscles are working for you when we are doing MAT.

Likewise, when we are doing personal training, we put the focus of the exercise on squeezing and feeling certain muscles while you are working out instead of having you think about trying to do more reps or trying to move faster.

Is The Training Customized?

Third, At Fitness-Tek we always take a customized approach for your body. We take the time to figure out where your body is functioning well and where it could use some extra attention. From there, we are able to construct a plan to improve how well your body works. We leverage what you are already capable of doing while also helping your muscles that aren’t working well get back up to speed. This plan of action is different for every individual that comes to Fitness-Tek in Odessa Florida.

What’s The Biggest Difference Between PT and MAT?


MAT Muscle activation Technique 3When the client is working with a personal trainer we are focused on building the muscle up to make it stronger and increase endurance. At Fitness-Tek we focus on MAT first to make sure your muscles are prepared and are working properly to ensure results and safety.

For you as the client, this means that when you are exercising with us, we are able to ensure that the muscles we are trying to build up and challenge are working as well as they can. This approach to exercise creates three distinct benefits:


  1. You stay safer because your muscles are better able to protect your joints
  2. You are able to do more during your workouts because you are able to utilize all of your muscles
  3. You are able to get better results from your workouts because you are able to work the muscles you are trying to work

We feel that both these techniques go hand in hand. Each offers different benefits (properly activating the correct muscles and form and then building on top of that), but at the end of the day, we utilize each based on how your body is functioning and what your goals are.

Despite the differences between personal training and Muscle Activation Techniques, the common goal of improving the health and function of your body allows us to seamlessly integrate both into a completely customized exercise experience unlike anything you have done before.

If you are interested in building your own customized exercise plan, reach out to us directly here https://fitness-tek.com/contact-us.


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