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Is it Ok to cheat on Your Diet during the Weekends?


Most of us experience an intense desire for chocolate, pizza, candy, chips, etc. on weekends, but these desires can be particularly difficult to overcome for some people, such as people who follow a low-calorie diet or those struggling with weight problems.

The benefits of cheating

The “cheat day” is the day where you can eat foods in moderation that are not allowed in your normal diet plan. The main benefit of the day or cheat weekends is basically a psychological trap since it aims to free the mind from the pressure of having to eat in a limited extent.

Having a cheat day does not necessarily mean overeating or eating only “junk food.” Hence, you can afford little luxuries that usually do not enter into the plan and is something of a reward for your work hard within a week on a restricted diet.

Surely, if you ever carried out a dietary plan, at some point you felt an uncontrollable urge to eat some kind of “forbidden food” (pizza, burgers, chocolate, and ice cream). At the beginning of the diet, it is easier to stand up to these cravings since you are more motivated, but there comes a time when it is very difficult to say no to these temptations. So it’s not a bad option if you cheat on weekends.

Periodic cheating can have some beneficial effects

In addition to the psychological benefits of a cheating day, also it has benefits for your body because that day you will feel rewarded and freed. If you hold a weight loss plan restricted to carbohydrates, most likely you have low levels of muscle glycogen.

Along with this, it is often a feeling of sluggishness during training and less endurance. A cheat means excess calories and carbohydrates that will serve to replenish glycogen, which will help you have more energy and give everything in your next training.

How to make cheating work for your schedule

Do not eat too much just because it’s your cheat day (or your meal cheating). This is just to give you a little treat, take advantage of this day to eat out or eat those foods that you cannot enjoy because it does not suit your dietary plan.

Take it easy and cheat in moderation, do not do stupid things to compensate for excess calories. It is not necessary that the day before fasting do not need to increase cardio to two hours a day to compensate cheating weekends.

If you think a cheat day is too much for you and then you’ll feel guilty, try to make just a trap food which can take place during breakfast or lunch, so you are more likely to burn some of that excess calories during daily activities.

Conducting a continuous strict diet can be really difficult but we know that at least once a week (or fortnight) we can eat whatever we want, it helps to maintain a long-term diet.

Cheating everyday is bad, don’t cheat too frequently

Like everything could not be perfect, the cheating diet can also bring you some drawbacks. Mainly, it will be more difficult to reach your goal and you have to spend more time. The amounts of fat that you bring to your body with cheat meals are low hence you need more cardio sessions and you have to be on a strict diet to reach your goal.

In times of competition, it is not advisable to perform. Hence, it is advisable traps meals if you are getting very close to the date of a competition. Best left for after competing. If you chop more every day, you may be increasing daily calorie intake which would not allow you to lose weight. This can be very demotivating and leads to abandoning the diet.

After cheating once, do not allow yourself to repeat. This definitely leads to a failure in the weekly target and a likely recovery of losing weight in the weeks, resulting in frustration and can make you abandon the diet. If you understand how the body works at the restrictions, why and when energy reserves (fats) accumulate, sure you’re going to feel very relieved.


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