Home Health Sometimes We Care Too Much (part 1)

Sometimes We Care Too Much (part 1)

Sometimes We Care Too Much (part 1)

Sometimes You Care Too Much About Cronic Pain (part 1)

Rid yourself of chronic pain immobility disease and disability before it kills you. You the patient have a choice. Become part of the team. Take charge. Be your own boss. Control pain without painkillers. Extinguish the fire, not just the smoke. But first…

“We have a 9/11-scale loss every three weeks. Opioids. 97.5 million Americans used or misused prescription pain pills in 2015. Drug-overdose deaths have tripled since 2000. Opioid abuse now kills more than a hundred Americans a day.” Unless…

Take control. Before opioids take control of you. Addiction happens quickly — Within a few weeks — depending on the specific drugs. People and communities are searching for a way out of a problem that feels inescapable. Now there’s a safe proven pain-free alternative pain relief many don’t know about. I’ll tell you here. But first I know how you feel. I have been in your shoes more than you know. Symptoms of pain are silent. Inflammation is the number one source of pain. It increases. Pain increases…Pain dosage increases. Ailments and diseases are lurking. Physical, functional and psychological health and productivity become a memory. Unless…But first.

You’re in pain. Exhaustion, from another sleepless night. Dizziness. Confusion torments you. “I’ve been there. Suffered. Cried. Agonized over alternatives to deadly painkillers. I know you’re smart. You know you need your functional spine. Misalignment…destroy mobility function mental ability your sanity. Over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Don’t let this happen to you. Don’t be the next victim. When there’s a way out. Don’t be one three or five of these statistics. 59% reported an impact on the overall enjoyment of life. 77% reported feeling depressed. 70% have trouble concentrating. 74% have their energy level impacted due to pain. 86% of patients report inability to sleep well. Are you in the elite group that will look to change the future. Your Future. Get your FREE chiropractic evaluation like I did. Safe, pain-free, natural choice for pain relief. And think about this.

Stories of results. Stories of benefits. Patients want to visualize pain relief. Rehabilitation. Let’s see results. Eliminate chronic pain. Quit medication. Increase mobility. Follow the journey of rehabilitation with me. Encouragement and inspiration by a spokesperson. A peer. Opportunity to feel “If she did it so can I.” And it’s not just a miracle. It’s chiropractic persistence and perseverance. More details in Part 2.

Why suffer. Why increase suffering. Why put yourself in danger when you don’t have to. Reap the benefits and results from a spokesperson. A miracle child of rehab and chiropractic for 15 plus years at www.chiropractorcopywriter.com


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