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Sometimes You Care Too Much (part 2)


Pain. Leading reason for health care visits. Leading cause of disability. Leading contributor for missed work. Why tolerate pain when you don’t have to. Turn the tables today. Take charge now. But first, let me explain.
Functional medicine the emerging 21st-century paradigm of systems medicine teaches us to treat the cause not only the symptoms to ask the question WHY you are sick not only WHAT disease do you have. Improper spinal alignment affects the central nervous system. #1 See a chiropractor for spinal alignment. And Health benefits of chiropractic are covered in previous articles on my Website at chiropractorcopywriter.com Chiropractic finds the source of your pain. Then safely comfortably and naturally relieves the source of pain. Discomfort and Pain are warning lights. Don’t ignore them. Learn prevention. Stop progression. Extinguish the fire not just the smoke. Let me explain.
According to the Mayo Clinic, the signs and symptoms of problems related to prescription opioid painkillers include: Constipation Nausea Drowsiness Slowed breathing rate Confusion Poor Coordination Increased and pain with higher doses. You want to avoid the Opioid Crisis. Don’t be the next victim. And remember this…
The longer you leave misalignments untreated the worse your condition, pain, and health become. You can turn the clock backward. Say goodbye to pain. Say hello Mobility. Quality of life doesn’t have to be a memory. Not anymore! Treat the cause instead of the symptom. Get a FREE evaluation today. Feel better tomorrow.
A Look at America’s
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Opioid Crisis


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