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Tafiq Akhir | Tafiq Physiques | Top Rated Business Owner Interview Series


Live Interview With Tafiq Akhir

Brad Smith owner of HylthLink speaks with Tafiq Akhir owner of Tafiq Physiques.

In this interview podcast we speak about his local gym and fitness studio Tafiq Physiques, what services and benefits his studio offers and heard some great testimonials from his clients.

We recommend connecting and checking out their website: https://www.tafiq.com/

Tafiq is a top rated health and fitness professional and is highly recommended by HylthLink. Please reach out and let him know HylthLink sent you.


To educate, inspire & support men and women with comprehensive fitness, nutrition and wellness tools to live a healthy and fulfilled life.

About Tafiq:

Tafiq has been helping people reshape their bodies, restore their health and renew their lives for more than 17 years in Los Angeles and abroad.

His total body workouts helps clients get stronger, fitter, more flexible, leaner and  more energetic. While his signature Diet Free Fat Loss academy has helped clients shed unwanted body fat, reverse chronic illness, get taken off medications, relieve long time skin and digestive problems and improve their over all health.

Tafiq is a well respected and nationally accredited group fitness instructor, personal trainer, nutrition & wellness consultant, health coach and personal fitness chef. He has also created fitness and nutrition programs that have improved the health and well being of people on 4 continents. Including Australia, Singapore, London, Canada & the US.

Tafiq puts his experience in fitness, nutrition, dance, martial arts and sports to good use everyday working with private clients and in group fitness classes.

Connect with Tafiq on his Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/TafiqsPhysiques/

If you’d like to chat and get referred to Tafiq please leave a comment below, thanks for watching!


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