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The Top Five Benefits of Spinning Class


Spinning Benefits


When it comes to spinning, there is an endless list of benefits. You can enjoy everything from burning calories to improving your heart health when you participate in a spin class.

Whether you are looking for a new invigorating workout or simply want to switch up your routine a bit, spinning is a great choice. Here are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy by participating in a spinning class:

#1: Burn Calories

Burning calories is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the health and fitness benefits of spinning. It’s no wonder why so many people participate in spin class when you look at the amount of calories you Burn Caloriescan burn.

Within a 45 minute spin class, you could potentially burn up to 500 calories! Of course this number varies depending on a few factors, such as your weight and the intensity of your workout. Either way, you are sure to burn a descent amount of calories spinning.

#2: Muscle Definition

Spinning may help you build muscle definition, in addition to burning unwanted body fat. Generally, spinning focuses on your core muscles, buttocks, and thighs. While pedaling, you work out tour thighs and calves.

You can also increase and decrease the tension on your bike, which can change the dynamic of your workout. If you want to focus mostly on defining your muscles, you can increase the tension on your bike and pedal slower. If your main goal is fat burning, you should pedal faster. If you want to build muscle definition in your upper body as well, you can find a class that incorporates cross training elements.

#3: Increase your Cardio Endurance

One of the best benefits of spinning is that it can greatly increase your cardio endurance. If you find yourself feeling weaker after doing a task that requires light effort, usually this means you have low endurance. Spinning can help increase your endurance and strengthen your heart.Graphicstock Group Senior And Young People In Spinning Course On Fitness Bike In Gym Doing Endurance And Cardio Training The Instructor Is Leading Them On BPXgGMsDpg Thumb

Since spinning requires you to work hard, it can also help you control your breathing. This can be especially useful as it can help you lower your heart rate when physical exertion begins to take your breath away.

#4: Low Impact

Spinning doesn’t put nearly as much pressure on your knees and feet as other cardio workouts. Spinning allows you to work harder and more efficiently, as you don’t have to worry about potential injuries. Here are a few other benefits of low impact workouts like spinning:

  • Accommodates Ailments
  • Reduced Risk of Injury
  • Easy on Current Injuries
  • Joint and Tendon Health

#5: Stress Reliever


Participating in spinning class is a great way to relieve stress. Spinning is a high intensity workout that also gives you the chance to meet people and socialize; so chances are you will leave the class feeling a little lighter.

The atmosphere is designed to make you want to work hard, but thats also what makes it enjoyable. You get the chance to burn a ton of calories while listening to energizing music in a room full of people who can help motivate you.

The Takeaway

Spinning is an invigorating and intense workout that comes with so many benefits. The benefits include everything from increasing your endurance to burning a significant amount of calories. If you are looking for a low impact yet effective workout, spinning is definitely something you should try.


If you are interested in experiencing the benefits of spinning first hand, try one of our spin classes. If its your first time spinning with us, we offer a free ride voucher so you can see whether this class is right for you. We also offer many other programs in addition to spinning; such as: Muscle Activation and Personal Training. 




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