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What Snacks Should YOU eat throughout the Day?


If you eat five times a day your metabolism is activated and is more difficult to store fat. Besides that, well, you feel more satiated and not go hungry. It sounds interesting right? Then keep reading so you know what you should eat between regular meals.

The more time elapses between each meal, you are hungrier and more likely to overeat. This has a medical explanation:

After every three hours without food, blood sugar level begins to fall and after four hours, you have digested almost everything in your stomach which you have consumed before. Once you have passed five hours, the level of blood sugar begins to plummet, and notifies you urgently need to eat to refuel.


It is recommended as a hot drink coffee or tea without sugar. If you do not like these options you can take a glass of milk or low-fat yogurt and no sugar or sweetener. Then eat 2 pieces of crusty bread with a thin layer of butter, 10 g. of cottage cheese accompanied by leeks and cucumber. Another great option is to take a boiled egg with a slice of bread with butter and a tomato.

Keep your body energized and help you lose weight

Eating the right snacks can keep your energy levels high. Snacks high in nutrients can keep the body full of energy and also help in weight loss. Smart snacks are packed with protein and fibre that increase metabolism and helps your digestive system to burn calories. Snacking between regular meals not only satisfies hunger but also helps in reducing your food portions.

Protein rich snacks can keep your body well energized and also help in weight loss. Smart snacks are full of protein and fibre that stimulates metabolism and finally burn calories. Healthy snacks not only satisfies the hunger pangs but also helps reduce food portions.

In addition, a high protein intake lowers levels of the “hunger hormone” called ghrelin and increases the metabolic rate after meals and during sleep.

Protein snacks for lean muscle mass

For many of us, increased muscle mass can only be achieved through strenuous exercises in fitness gym, but the diet does not come to our mind. Your body needs proteins and carbs to feed the growing muscle mass and to accommodate different amounts of activity.

Taking a high amount of protein snacks helps us lose weight, gain muscle mass, and increase will to improve health among other benefits. Protein plus exercise fuels the growth of lean muscle mass. If you are someone who is really struggling to gain lean mass, you need to put protein snacks on a diet to increase muscle mass.

Protein snacks boost metabolic rate and increase calorie burn

Snacks made of eggs and other proteins are ideal for people who want to lead a high-protein diet food. Protein snacks help to increase the metabolic rate and keep you feeling full longer. Healthy protein snacks speed up your metabolism for fast weight-loss.

Protein snacks burn calories and lose weight. The good news is that these delicious snacks have incredible benefits for health. Try to include more of these healthy snacks in your daily diet and do not forget to exercise regularly.

Fibre breaks fats and sugar

To eat at home, on a tour … a good sandwich with fibre rich oven bread will always be well received. Its ingredients help you not to neglect your diet. Furthermore, it has a very low amount of fat and sugars.

In addition, you can use whole wheat bread (rich in fibre, vitamins, and minerals) to increase the nutritional value of the sandwich. A fibre rich snack will help you avoid binge eating between meals. Contrary to this, fibre helps improve digestion and keeps you from indulging on fats and sugars.

Whether you want to eat inside and outside the home, a good sandwich is always well received and, if it helps you not neglect your diet and it is healthy and rich, the better. It is important to know that there are excellent alternatives that can speed up weight-loss while working, traveling or doing any activity.


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